Technical Information

Duration: 7 minutos

Number of Episodes: 13

Animation technique: Stop Motion

Genre: Educativa / Aventura

Objetive audience: 6 a 9 años.

Zander is a stop-motion philosophy TV series for children ages 7 to 10, about the incredible adventures of Mila, Leo and Zander. In each episode, the protagonists try to figure out what it means to be human as they exchange their extraordinary thoughts, and embark on fantastic journeys that take them to the most strange and unexpected places as they try to reach the center the idea.

- The Leaders of our Adventure -

Feminine Power and New leading roles

MILA (10) the enigmas and the

abstract ideas: the artistic genius


Mila is eccentric; there is no doubt about it. Her

languid movements, her free spirited nature, and

her ability to constantly shift her perspective and

opinions makes everyone think she must come

from another planet. This girl is as strange as the

intricate questions and ideas that come out of

her mouth! Sensitive and alert, she loves poetry,

music and the arts in general. Restless and a bit

of a liar - or maybe “too creative” - Mila is not

afraid of anything.

LEONOR (9) the experiments and the inventions: the scientific genius


Leo is what some might call a tomboy,

and she is an unconventional genius! Her

strong character, her intelligence, and

her sense of irony are her most important

traits. Practical, concrete and rational,

she always finds solutions and draws conclusions

immediately. Her friends think

she is grumpy because she has little tolerance

for frustration, but she has a big

heart. Leo loves tools, almost as much

as her boots and gloves that allow her to

conjure extraordinary creations.

ZANDER (9 approx.)

life and existentialism: the observer


Zander is a robot created by Mila and Leo and

the three seem to be lifelong friends. Using

the knowledge from the books that the robot

can access in a second, it pushes the girls to

challenge their perceptions and doubts. As

a sort of botanist-alchemist, Zander devotes

hours to the observation of organic forms of

the Earth, showing an immense sensitivity.

The screws in its back and the light on its

head are activated in response to the thrill

of discovering some mystery about what it

means to be a living being.

- The World of Ideas -

"Our goal is to give a concrete face to the huge questions underlie the plot of Zander, making them accessible to all. Stop motion it’s the perfect technique in this matter, because it let us to remain close to the audience making everything familiar and extremely attractive: you can almost feel the texture of the materials and the characters on screen even if we are talking about abstract concepts."

"The visual proposal of the series represents a sort of three-dimensional collage in which the laws of physics or realistic proportions will not necessarily be respected, creating a dreamlike and fantastical world. The stage will be built on a foundation of concentric circles that will give movement to each scene and will allow us to introduce and remove elements from the frame, taking inspiration from classic theatrical staging and the aesthetics of Miélès. Likewise, the lighting will be central in our proposal: each “world” visited by the characters will have its own luminous atmosphere and we will develop a sort of mini mapping to project directly onto the structures in set, facilitating the process of general production."

"The resources used to map the abstract world of ideas that articulate the series, will be diverse and multiple: on the one hand, we seek to highlight the importance of recycling by using cardboard, magazine clippings, antique toys and other reused items. On the other hand, objects will be created to scale, prioritizing a fantastical aesthetic close to the children’s own imagination."

- Gallery-